Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Seriously, who doesn't like the color blue??? I'm a big fan --- it's one of my favorite colors and 
I've liked it for a long time.  Probably started when I was a kid in Colorado looking up at those 
beautiful blue skies....see the upside-down sleeping rabbit?

My wedding China is blue: Tranquebar by Royal Copenhagen. (Upon registry at Sweden Shop, 
My mom questioned my choice and suggested something in avocado green instead.)

In a denim jacket or a chambray shirt is just fine with me!

Blue ice cream? Yes, please.

The bluebird of happiness? C'mon in!!

My alma mater home team wears blue (and gold).  Go Vikings!

All this being said, how is it possible to miss out on the biggest BLUE thing going on in the 
city of Chicago for the past 20 years???

We went last Saturday and it didn't disappoint. Not one little blue bit. Perfect as a getaway from the gray and blah right now in the month of February in Chicago.

(And, no, toilet paper is no longer a part of the show.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cake Pops

Rebel that I am, I snuck cake pops into the Shedd Aquarium recently. Slippery slope, I know.
They might not look like much, but they were very tasty. I simply took delicious leftover cake from Maggiano's and mixed the frosted cake in a bowl, rolled the blended mix into balls and froze them.
Next, almond bark was melted and the cake balls were rolled in this.  Done.  Popsicle sticks were packed on top and applied at the time of serving.

Nice thing about those sticks is that they are easily "morphed" into birthday candles!

We had such a fun time celebrating the anniversary of my 30th birthday! The Shedd is a great place to go with kids of all ages. Don't miss the show at the Oceanarium!

Or the sting rays, sharks, turtle or colorful fish in the circular Carribean Reef.

Or the jellyfish.

Or touching living sturgeon in the pool.

And don't forget the cake pops!!