Monday, November 9, 2015

A Wink from Above

As many of you have figured out by now, I have been immersed in wool from sweaters - turning them into usable items such as mittens, hats and wraps.

This weekend was the fruition marker as I invited others into my home to a once-yearly boutique in which these items would find new homes and a part of my proceeds would go towards World Relief projects involving clean water procurement around the world. What we take as such a given here is not the case elsewhere and it tugs deeply on my heart strings.

And now I will digress a bit.  I named my little design endeavor based on two things: 
1.  My name origin is Hebrew and Biblical. (And peaked in popularity in the 1950s and has never been my dream name BTW) and refers to a bee, and the industrious nature of the bee.
2. My nickname in college was Dooby. I think I have blogged in the past that this name related more to ROMPER ROOM than the BROTHERS.🎸

So the label name on my stuff is this:
DoobeeDo Designs.

And while I love projects involving sewing, the truth is that it is awkward and weird for me to be a seller...not in my comfort zone at all. However, I am passionate about working with my hands to reach a goal of donating based upon manual labor on my part. And cushy manual labor at that in a warm (or cool) home, thirst quenched. with shelter above, and a full belly to boot. So I push on in spite of my doubts to make it work.
In spite of freaking out at times in the process with questions such as:
Will they be offended  (house party...ewww!) if I ask them to come for this?  
Will they like what I have to offer?  
Will they think I am ripping them off with prices charged? 

My front porch
So yesterday was the day of reckoning: the Buzz Sale. At my house.
I put the swag bunting up on our porch,
placed a vintage suitcase full of felted sweaters on the chair on our porch

And lastly put out a pot of fresh, colorful mums behind the suitcase. And reflected about all my doubts, said a prayer that the boutique would go well and opened my eyes and in the middle of the bouquet was a

Bee.  And bee season here is over.

I like to think of this bee as an affirmation wink from God.

Thank you to all who came to my BUZZ sale this year!  You mean the world to me and I am hoping for some children to get clean water on your behalf. And that you, in turn, are warmed by what you purchased today... inside and out.