Sunday, February 15, 2015

Party Animals

Back in the day of raising our young children, this video of Old MacDonald (1987 Best Live Action Video Award) was a go-to for restless siblings.  And I report that some twenty five years later, it can still work it's magic on restless Grands.

We planned on giving our grown-up kids a night out while we hosted a little Valentine's party with their little munchkins. They arrived and played the KEEKEE THE ROCKING MONKEY game. That was good for a shorter bit of time than we anticipated. The food was in the oven but not quite ready.  The kids needed something as a filler. So Wes got the old VCR recorder up and running. We set out the little chairs for a theater feel and the old tape worked its charms once again: we sang, stomped and clapped to the classic kid songs such as "Mulberry Bush," "Mary Had a Little Lamb, and "Shortenin' Bread."

Then the timer buzzed and the food was ready!

Being Valentine's Day, the food all had a heart theme.  A low-maintenance heart theme.
Pizza was baked in a heart pan, hot dogs were cut lengthwise and boiled/curled while cooking, 6 oranges were peeled, separated unto segments and assembled into a heart shape.

The kids seemed to like the food.  
Dessert was soon coming which is also a treat for our healthy-eating
Grands who are often encouraged to make fruit and veggie choices instead of sweets.

Yummy Costco shortbread black and white hearts!
(Katie D., do note the flowers in the center...they were from your shower cake!)
(Also note the painted Beast cabinet in the background that I had blogged about in January.)

Following the food we had gift time, bopping with balloon time, conversation hearts bingo,
coloring and a story. 
Our Party Animals were zipping through the activities like air leaking through a popped balloon.

To calm them before their parents returned from time away, we may or may not have
reinserted the Old Mac video. What happens at MeMo and Papa's stays at M and P's!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Nine Buttons, Ten Noodles and Ten Beads

For my recent birthday, I received the most wonderful trio of presents wrapped as you see in the picture above. Can you guess who gave me this trio wrapped in paper adorned with hearts and dots?

As I unwrapped each sweet box, it became obvious that the giver had selected each gift knowing of my propensity towards crafting.

 BOX #1 contained nine buttons.

BOX #2 contained 10 colored noodles.

BOX #3 contained 10 beads.

She was so pleased with this gift she gave (as well as the fancy glitter painting on the box lids) - and has kept up questioning me if I have used the 
"Treasures" yet.  Well, today was the day! 

 With a couple of added foamie hearts and an elastic cord I made the most lovely piece of jewelry:

So if you see me out and about, you'll now know the back story.


No matter if you are young or young at heart!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Picky, Picky

All decorated for a baby shower.
Okay, time to let a little steam loose from the vent. 
Yes, yes, yes, I realize there are many more important issues going on than 
this personal one of mine.
First, though, I ask a simple question:
What do you call the planked piece above a fireplace opening?
You know, the place where stockings are hung at Christmastime,
the place where candles, framed pictures and other "treasures"
find as a home for display?

(Hint:  It's a six-letter word that has no apparent rhyme partner, but does act as a last name for a famous baseball player MICKEY _ _ _ _ _ _.)
Decorated with random picture frames.And pictures in some of those random frames.

             (Further hint:  see dictionary choices below.)


noun \ˈman-təl\
: a loose piece of clothing without sleeves that was worn over other clothes especially in the past
: the position of someone who has responsibility or authority


noun \ˈman-təl\
: the shelf above a fireplace

  : a beam, stone, or arch serving as a lintel to support the masonry above a fireplace 
  :  the finish around a fireplace

Okay, it's a m-a-n-t-e-l. The e comes before the l. On decorating blogs and advertising come-ons, I am seeing that the l is coming before the e and it makes me nuts. This is my public service announcement to just stop it.  Right now.  Be picky about how you spell, people.

Decorated for Christmas with company soon arriving. No tree?  Just use the large frond!
I guess I must've gotten picky because a few years back we got a place with a mantel.
A humble little mantel. A non-worthy-editorial mantel never going to be on any glossy
magazine page.  But, a mantel is still a mantel and I change it up seasonally.

Decorated for Annie, Sandy and Batman.

And always try to spell it correctly.