Monday, October 31, 2016

The Family Bash

Four dalmations, Cruella DeVille, Tigger and tiny tiger, a Nebraska corn husk, a cowboy, Elsa and Minnie all attended our annual family brunch at the City Nest.

They humor me so much and I thank them for that!

This year the brunch included mummified hot dogs (with raisin eyes).
And mini clementine "pumpkins" with other fruits to be dipped in a cream cheese-based dip.
We needed all the leaves in our table to seat this group.

It was one boisterous brunch! Bingo, an eyeball game (ping pong balls) and a two spooky stories next.

And then we got ready for a walk into Lincoln Square for a bit of Trick or Treating.

We lucked out with a really nice day!

The three oldest had a blast getting candy, and the two youngest had their first experiences 
with a bag and candy finding each other.

Wishing you the sweetness of this day however you celebrate today!

H. A. P. P  Y.    H. A. L. L. O. W. E. E. N.   

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Seeing Stu Again (of interest to North Parkers)

Back in the early 1970s, I was a student at North Park College. (It's now North Park University.)
Arriving as a freshman, I thought I'd consider nursing as my major, but it rapidly became apparent that this was not a good option for me as dissection of little creatures turned my stomach!  Four weeks later, I realized that my first choice of teaching was the right choice after all. However, during my sophomore year - and taking my first art classes - I decided to add Art as a second major.
Two special friends were also art students, and here we are downtown on one of our museum class trips- to the left, Dave "Les" Carlson and on my right, Don "TB" Johnson. Our painting and print-making teacher was Stu Carlson.

Stu Carlson:
Sadly, Stu died in 1980 at the age of 42.
But right now, in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago, Stu lives on.  Twenty five of his paintings and art renderings are on exhibit at the Swedish American Museum now through November 27.

It was a very powerful, moving experience to see my professor/friend again in this way.  Peace to his memory.

Your instruction and inspiration made a difference in my own life path.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Top Ten in Colorful Colorado

In September, my sister and I were traveling partners to the state where we were both born: Colorado!
It was wonderful, simply wonderful. Thinking back, I decided to choose the TOP TEN memories of our time together to write about here---certainly there are more, but this will just have to do.

Seeing the two last homes my parents lived in Arvada, Colorado.
In the 1960s, this ranch on West 69th Place:
In the 1980s-1990s, this expanded Cape Cod on Estes Drive:

Visiting the Covenant Retirement Village in Westminster, Colorado that our Dad saw to fruition before his death in 1991--- and seeing Marion Sustad here as a spunky 93 year old!

Lunching with the mother of our son-in-law, Jed; Diane Bassett!  

Speaking of eating, we got to eat (twice) with our niece, Linnea, and see her settled in her new home!
And, we also were joined by our nephew, Andrew, the second time in the city of Denver.

She makes a "mean" chili!!
Shown here with Linnea, Andrew and Duane---more on him soon.

Catching up with Aunt Norma, our Mom's 93 year old sister...though wheelchair-bound, she has a sense of humor and clear mind. (And she shared a secret or two.)

Walking through the beautiful Capitol building in Denver.

Finally taking a tour of the MOLLY BROWN house in Denver.


Being in the mountains again. Vail.  Quaking aspens changing colors. Taking a longer hike than we had anticipated!

Sibling time!

The. Best. Trip. EVER!!!