Saturday, September 12, 2015

Do You Recognize Your Sweater?

Today is a "Sweater Weather" sort of day where I live. However, that is bound to change with the upcoming forecast. 
In actuality. though, most of my days lately have been sweater-weather kinds of days as I progress on
my creations with felted sweaters.  (Some days it is just a bit too much to deal with all that wool when it is so stinkin' hot outside.)
Last year I embarked upon my dream of starting up a little once-a-year boutique in my house with
sweaters turned into flowers, hats, mittens, scarves, bags, etc. and I thought I would gave another go at it this year.  My sweaters come from here and there, and friends who give their
woolly wonders to me to work on. 
Therefore, you will remain publically un-heralded in case your husband or in-laws gave you this sweater. However, I send you a huge
for helping me with your former treasures.
This is how they often look once I have worked my Edward Scissorhands skills with them!
2 headwraps, 2 pr. mittens, 1 pillbox, triangles for swag, ball wedges ribbing that will turn into flowers and scraps. 
Gotta keep those scraps!

This wool was so thick and lovely!
Never underestimate the use of ribbing!
Because of having a Grand-daughter who is a big fan of her AG doll,
those smaller scraps are turning into cold-weather gear for 18 inch friends.
Those mitten are realllly tiny!
Hat, vest, sweater, mittens and snow pants,,,,Brrrr!

Please know you are invited to come to my little boutique on
 Sunday, November 8, 1:30 - 5:30 pm.
Pepparkakor and Glogg served!