Saturday, May 3, 2014

Aloha! Mahalo!

Though it has been two weeks since I returned from my trip to Hawaii, I am so trying to keep the memories close and fresh.  Many have wondered what I was doing there and where was Wes?  Trip purpose:  to see my longtime dear friend, Carol, as she and her husband are six month temporary residents on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Wes stayed behind, nose-to-the-grindstone, to hold up the home front lifestyle in snowy, cold Chicago.  

Carol was the perfect host, tour guide, adventurer and goodwill ambassador.  I saw more places than many island residents and visitors have ever experienced!  We made it around the circumference of the island with its many diverse landscapes: craggy beaches, sandy beaches (with even a nude beach---and no we didn't), through rain forests, deserts (and desserts-yum!), through historic landmarks and Volcanoes National Park, through farmers markets and art galleries, through resorts and the opposite of was simply fantastic what we saw and did!  Now this is my favorite of all the islands!

Carol even managed to be my rescuer as I was stuck in the strong currents while snorkeling.

The beauty on this island is something to behold. After a winter of gray and white, the colors of the flowers especially popped. Never before have pinks seemed so perky, reds more brilliant, yellows more sunny and so on.

With two active volcanoes on the island there's a lot of lava - and black sand evidences of it on some of the beaches.

But what really did me in was seeing homes being built upon the endless (previous) lava flows- too black, hot and desolate for my tastes....the blue sky really helps, though.

Let's get back to the black sand on the beach!!

Carol is the one with the tanned tootsies.
Our time just sped by and it was one of my favorite vacations ever. Pictures and words could keep flowing for a long, long time on this blog.  Unfortunately I am having current difficulties with my old computer limping along as I embark.  (Perhaps a renewal vacation in Hawaii could do "her" a bit of good, too!) So I will  close with a favorite memory picture and the Hawaiian word for Thank You going out to Carol and Mark in Hawaii presently:

M A H A L O !