Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving and the Kid's Table for One

Who would have thought that our little family was ready to start the tradition of a Kid's Table for a holiday gathering? Certainly not us! 
But it was a smashing success at Thanksgiving
when Miss E had her very own kid's table this year...well, not exactly her very own table
because her "friends" were seated across from her. 

It all started it when we setting the table for 10 at Anne and Jed's place.

Where, oh where, should Miss E sit?  The table legs just weren't in a good spot for her.
And the Little Miss has been known to leave her seat for "greener pastures" and that
might be tricky for the table guests nearby.
Then, the light bulb moment came that there was a little table available, thanks to the
handing-down of Miss E's Great Grandfather's boyhood table.  With a little foofing up, the table
was covered with 2 striped place mats and a diagonal red napkin.
 Miss E's glittered Halloween pumpkin
was placed as a side centerpiece and 2 mini Indian corn cobs were placed nearby.
But the very best thing was that Miss E could "dine" with her beloved friends:
Vanessa, Pink Bear, Bumpkin Bear, Bunny and Doggie.
While nearby the rest of us dined with our real-life family and friends.
Towards the end of our meal, we noticed that not much food was eaten at the Kid's Table,
but there was one very happy 2 year old content to play away on Thanksgiving Day:
See her there?
She also managed to make it upstairs to put on her pink tutu and sparkly shoes.
I hope you and yours had a lovely Thanksgiving, too!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Windows! Lunch! Santa! Pickpockets?

Oh, how much fun the Nelson Sisters have when they kick off the holiday season
 with a visit to State Street! 
Seeing the Macy's windows (minus cold temps and crowds),
eating lunch in the Walnut Room by the Christmas tree (again, no long lines and big crowds)
and visiting Santa (without dirty looks from parents with kids) makes for two very happy sisters!
The added bonus this year was thwarting off a pickpocket --- more on that later.

Here we are on the main floor of Macy's.

The windows at Macy's are especially sweet this year with memories of past Christmases
at Marshall Field's - insert a moment of silence for this dearly-departed Chicago institution here.
In this window we see a waiter doing a mad dash around the tree in the Walnut Room.
No mad dash was required for us as we were seated next to the tree in the Walnut Room!

Once our lunch was completed we headed off to Santa Land...
Yes, we really did go visit Santa.
Though our combined ages equal far beyond one hundred years, we
are making up for lost years when there were no visits (or belief) to Santa Land. 
Santa forgot to even ask us for our wishes and desires, so World Peace will have
to be acquired elsewhere.
Then, off for some shopping.  We both scored finds for some of you on our lists.
After such a lovely afteroon together, we headed home on the Brown Line train.
That's when the tables were turned and I was the target of a pickpocket attempt!
Earlier this summer, my sister was the target, too, but her fate was more unfortunate than mine.
What happens is this:  you are in a throng of people trying to get into the boarding train and a person trips right in front of you, falling down in the process.
When the person attempts to get up, your purse is vulnerable and items are removed.  Then the fallen person quickly escapes the train and you are left with an open purse with fewer items inside.
So, getting into the train I was being shoved and couldn't move.  Then the man fell down right in front of me.  Others came to his aid and he rushed OUT of the train.  Hmm.
When I found my seat on the train my wallet purse was open.  Fortunately the wallet purse had no removeable parts and the cards and cash were safe.
This is exactly what had happened to Diann.
Maybe Santa had granted me a wish of safety after all!
Fun times, as always, with my sis.

Friday, November 16, 2012

It's What I Do. It's What I Make. (Part 2)

Bag Lady.  That's me.  Not just any kind of bag do I make, no-sir-ee. 
I make book bags intended for taking to the library and scooping
 up a lot of books to take home.
The "Story Lady" (my other name) from the library wants to encourage
 reading together once at home, too.
With the birth recently of Miss M, I got into the sewing mode almost as soon as I
 found out her name!
Of course there had to be some pink on the bag. And a bit of perky and happy,too.
The three flowers are dimensional circles with raw-edge fabric centers.
Miss M had to try it on for size and for the time being,
the fit was just perfect!
Happy Reading. Little One!
I do wonder what your favorite stories will be and I can't wait to introduce you
to some of my favorite stories and characters.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's What I Do. It's What I Make. (Part 1)

Face it...if your are born into this family, chances are excellent that I will sew you a little quilt. Hopefully you will love it and use it and feel loved in the process. Hopefully, it will give you warmth as you slumber, comfort as you are having a rough day and a shelter overhead as you built a fort for dreaming and playing.  Perhaps it will provide you just the right covering as you hide away from your family if they are bugging you.  Maybe you will use it as you curl up in a corner to read those first words in a book and be transported to a world far away.
First, the quilt:
The inspiration for this quilt was a vintage well-worn one I found years ago at a church rummage sale for very little money.  It was in need of serious repair.  But it was oh-so-soft and in need of a home.
Minty green was its color; yo-yo flowers were white with yellow centers.
Flash forward in time when Miss E was playing "picnic" at our place and I pulled out the old quilt
to serve as her home base as she played with faux cupcakes, pizza, sandwich fixings, veggies and random fruits, condiments and beverages.  Anne, pregnant with Miss M at the time, fell in love with the old quilt and requested that I make the new babe a quilt like this one.  And could I please make the quilt with a gray fabric?
Some 128 circles later (2 per flower) and sewing here, there, and everywhere, the quilt top was competed.  Just in time for me to take it along as we travelled to Sweden and quilt away in the land of our ancestors.
This past week Miss M and her quilt met each other!
Happy One Week milestone, Miss M.
May you and your quilt be a happy pair as you face the world together.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Toes. The Nose(s). A Family Grows!

Oh, my goodness!
Our family has expanded once again with the birth of
 Maja Helen
on November first, and we are entirely smitten with her from the tip of her
button nose to the bottom of her playdoh-sculpted toes!
(Here shown wearing  her Birth-day crown made by Miss E.)

Maja weighed in at 8 pounds, 13 ounces.
Her height  at birth was 21.06 inches.

Maja is a Swedish name - actually the #1 most popular girls' name in Sweden.
It is pronounced My-yah.
Helen is in honor/memory of Jed's grandmother.
What started out with two noses and twenty toes (thirty six years ago)
 has now grown to eight noses and eighty toes...
and we couldn't feel more blessed!