Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful Everyday

It isn't just this time of year to make lists and count blessings.  It's a year-round endeavor. 

We have been blessed beyond measure.

H a p p y    T h a n k s g i v i n g
to you and yours.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Use a 2000 Purple Prom Dress

There's a bit of a tradition going down these days as the Grand-daughters celebrate their birthdays.
They pose in their Momma's formal dresses!
Miss E uses the blue bridesmaid dress that Anne wore in the wedding of her cousin (and in which  Jed was a groomsman).  
Because Miss M just turned one, it was her turn to be wrangled into Anne's favorite dance dress:

The Purple Prom Dress
Anne actually went to two (different) proms in the purple dress: Brett on the top left and Chris on the right.

I might add here that this took some serious wrangling as Miss M is one wiggly, squirmy young lass.

 Front view:
Back View

Action View 1:
   (Note the twists in the dress)

Action View 2:

Action View 3:

And finally
Take-a-break from all the action:

The thought on the dress posing is this - a picture line-up of the birthday girl wearing the dress each birthday until it eventually fits!  A reason to hang on to those formal dresses from the past because they certainly aren't going to dances these days.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Golden Day

Our little sweetie, Miss M, has just celebrated her 
(The golden birthday deal is this:  when your age matches the number of the day you were born,
it's your "golden" birthday.  Example.  I had my golden birthday when I turned 27 on the 27th.)
Doesn't she look like she is holding up one finger?
Keeping the gold trend going, her Mama thought goldfish would be a great theme for the party and I couldn't agree more! 

Back in the spring, we had a reunion party for our Argentina travelers.  Paper globes hung from our ceiling and would make the perfect goldfish with a coat of paint and orange fun foam fins.

Here's the laundry basket full of stuff to bring to the party.
Party favors?  Little fish bean bags were made for all the little guests.
 The labels for the bags were self-printed and matched the invitations that Anne worked her special magic to complete.
Clear cellophane bags had a piece of blue cellophane added inside for the water effect.
When the day of the party arrived, Miss M had two very busy parents --- making the cake and getting the foods prepped.

Is this goldfish made out of orange segments, blueberries and a cheerio mouth cute or what???

Before the cake and snacks were enjoyed, there was a little "program" for the wee guests...two goldfish flannelboard stories, a book, and music about goldfish (The Wiggles Goldfish) with some bubbles being blown in the directions of the floor crawlers.

If she likes her cake as much as she likes the bubbles,she will be in for a treat!

Anne made Miss M her very own "smash" cake as well as a cake for the other guests.

Her cake.
Cake for the rest of us!
She was so much fun to watch as she started in on her first birthday cake...no rushing here.
A right hand dip into the frosting.  A slow intake of its contents, and back for some more.

Her face and left hand were barely messed up - but the cake was pulverized!

Present opening followed with one of ours being a gift to her of  real gold: 
a pair of her Great Grandma Vera's earrings.

Oh, how I wish my Mom could have met this little sweetie.
The party was almost over and it was time to put together the most active group of little ones together for a photo.  Whew...this was tricky yet highly hilarious!

Happy Birthday, Dear Little GOLDEN One!!
We love you!